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Customizing your Cabinets

Don't worry, I will not try to sell you upgrades you don't need but there are hundreds of options out there and some may fit your style and budget. Some are visually pleasing and others give better functionality but a lot are just cool gadgets that are not necessary and are simply a waste of money. If a tight budget in a problem, don't worry...although easier at the time of construction, many options can be added in the future.

A few options worth considering:

*Crown Moulding - A great way to give your upper cabinets a bold and classy look.

*Light Valance - Its main purpose is to hide counter lighting but alone this simple trim will add that extra little finishing touch.

*Pull Out Shelves - Allows greater access to your items in the base cabinets.

*Soft Close Door Hinges - Helps eliminate stress on door joints and no one likes hearing slamming doors.

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